• Five Mistakes Guaranteed to Kill a Mediation

    What about: “Don’t bluff a final offer” and “don’t expect to win.” Read about the 5 killer mistakes that are guaranteed to kill your mediation.

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  • What is the Verdict on Virtual Mediations?

    Virtual mediations can be effective and save money, but in-person mediations can be accommodated with social distancing and are generally more effective.

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  • Construction Lawyer: Problem or Problem Solver?

    Lawyers play an important role in any dispute resolution process, especially in the construction industry. As the role of attorney develops in the industry, lawyers are adapting their skills to best serve clients and resolve issues efficiently.

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  • Know When to Hold Them + When to Fold Them

    It's better to solve a problem sooner rather than later. There are several advantages to mediation and regardless of your issue, time and money can be saved.

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  • Can Mediation Solve Your Dispute?

    Mediation is a common solution to many construction industry disputes. Explore the advantages and disadvantages, and why mediation has become a prerequisite to litigation and arbitration.

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  • The 10 Commandments of Mediation

    Dealing with mediation but unsure how to handle it? Reference these 10 commandments and be prepared to resolve your next problem.

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